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About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org Author Loretta Naples Oni, it brought out a shocking metaphor here. Primary purpose of the [Islamic State] is because [for the Muslims of the Sunni, is that the Israel of Jews]. Is [former to regain the rights of their land to modern], [though myself as're everywhere now, religious nation will protect surely] to become. This goal is, looks just like the purpose of the Jews was the founding of Israel. This is the very unique perspective of unique author. And, the more you analyze the [Islamic State], the [national] is, you have been found to be a sophisticated organization. [Islamic State] is either not a feudal state Loretta Naples Oni (Loretta Napoleoni) year born. Master's degree in international relations and economics in the United States at Johns Hopkins University, philosophy master's degree at the London School of Economics. Hungarian state-owned banks achieve a convertible currency of the currency Forint in, the scheme is also used in convertible currency of the ruble after.

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