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From something satisfied with the [Islamic State] up to now

About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org Extremists claiming to [Islamic State] organization, published a one after another on the Internet video and killed Japanese hostage. Deciphering the aim of the Islamic countries. What the aim in the [hostage]? Funding sources is a pillar of the ransom month. According to the report, the French and the Spanish, who were taken hostage are bound by the Islamic countries have been released after the payment of ransom. US and British journalists that the government is reluctant to negotiate with the Islamic countries murder scene, such as decapitation was published on the net. It is seen as the manifestation of intention for the next ransom request. [Muslim countries], what is the aim? (Q & A, month and day) The birth of the Islamic countries and up to now Extremists armed forces of Sunni Islam to extend its influence in the region across the Middle East of Iraq and Syria. 0 was declared a national establishment in years. Combatants are 10,000 to 10,000 people. [Islamic State] is show the Tegowa is not in the traditional terrorist groups.

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