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Why do young people aimed at the Islamic countries

About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org Secondary to terrorist attacks French newspaper attack terrorism has brought great impact to the international community. Islam of the founder, the newspaper has announced a caricature, such as Muhammad, to Sharuriebudo, Algerian French brethren seen with Islamic extremists broke, shot and killed the man. They (who was steeped in radical terrorist ideology while grew up in, such as Western democracies) Homegrown terrorists are referred to as such, last year since, even in the multinational population of Islamic countries that has attracted the attention of the international community (Islamic State) the Homegrown terrorists are participating many as combatants. Any organization that's how the Islamic countries. Through this organization, along with the approaching reality of Homegrown terrorists, you want to analyze the threat of terrorism in the future, it may occur. By the way, the Islamic countries in the international community [Iraq and the Levant of the Islamic countries] (ISIL), [Iraq and Syria of Islamic countries] (ISIS) is often referred to as.

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