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About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org Islamic countries 0 date, supreme leader Abu Bakr country that bug Daddy has declared the establishment of the ISIS (ISIL). ISIS from Aleppo in northern Syria that (Iraq Syria Islamic countries) was conquered to Diyala in central Iraq and territory, based on the Sharia (Islamic law), the caliph of Sunni (Islam founder Muhammad's legitimate successor) system Islamic state and sing. Bagudadi is self-proclaimed new caliph, seeking allegiance to the Sunni Muslims of the world. However, the international community is not recognized as an independent nation, neighboring Islamic countries is also dangerous view and threats undermine the safety of the region. ISIS of the mother is seen as al Qaeda-based extremist organization that was formed after the Iraq war (0 years). It raised the anti-Western jihad, and join the Syrian civil war, which was expanded in the year, to absorb the Sunni militant group that has flowed from Syria and neighboring countries, was expanding rapidly forces. Would be put out in front of the Islamic state established across the Iraq Syria at the same time, conflict with al-Qaeda, was another Tsu a broke (the foot).

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