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Someone from the [Islamic State]

About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org Date of midnight, a new image and the voice you think that the Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, who have been taken hostage have been up by [Islamic State]. In that speech, as a condition of Goto's release, that the release of within the time of Sajidarishawi death row that are trapped in Jordan has been requested, the degree of tension is growing in one fell swoop. And the aim of the [Islamic State] side, while such as the difficulty of the negotiations involving up to Jordan government is reported frequently, or [Islamic State] and the first place what the heck thing is, I wonder not than many people do not know still well . "Why the identity of the [Islamic State], whether the air strikes do not work," author: Megumi Ikeuchi, rich, Michael Shin The other day, in the "Islamic countries of shock" (Bunshun Shinsho) such as Ms. Megumi Ikeuchi, which is publication, and Yomiuri Shimbun e-book of a collection of commentary by experts in the Middle East, "the identity of the [Islamic State]", [Islamic State] birth from the background, the reason why the human resources and funds to gather, are briefly summarized to what they aim.

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