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The reason for Islamic countries to earn billion yen in the day [the ...

About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org American intelligence officials are profitable 000,000 US dollars (about billion 0,000,000 yen) those in the Islamic extremist organization [Islamic State] is the day, revealed that it is the history of the richest terrorist group. [To hold the position of caliph takes gold]. So that officials answer to the interview of American broadcasting stations [NBC], that Islamic countries are in need of any cost money. Islamic countries, funded armed groups, must be supplied with weapons and food. In addition, the group has given a pension to the bereaved family of the slain militia, it must be burden the cost of control of the territory was taken. Source of income for the Islamic countries, is as follows. . Wealthy Donors But went a strong support to the Sunni armed groups was rebellion to President Assad of Syria was a wealthy advocates, other extremists similar fighting in Syria, funds from their originally Islamic countries the I had to rely on. Advertisement inRead invented by Teads The majority of Syria of funding to extremists, is the Arab countries of the Gulf.

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