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[Islamic State] spreading threats to the world

About ISIS: Interview - Cruel.org Rapid expansion [Islamic State] governance of the actual situation Syria northern part of the city, Ain Al Arab. Islamic countries and steal the important bases along the border with Turkey, we are intensively attack the place to live the Kurds. It is the Kurdish militia that was fighting wounded at the forefront. Islamic countries, referred to as have been added to the relentless attack with the latest weapons, which took in the battle of the country. Kurdish militia [Tank was like the ones that took from the Iraqi army. They proceed before being shot, it has been toward until his death. ] Possessed was that was rushed to, combatants who of Islamic countries. From the belongings of the dead combatants they found drugs and a syringe. [Look Look, there is an injection needle. I drugs, but drugs. ] Whether the Islamic countries dominate the people in any way. Islamic countries is the image of the city lacquer of northern Syria that is to unilaterally capital. The image that residents have taken NHK was obtained.

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